Writing (duh), editing (duh), video storyboarding, interviewing, e-commerce, digital strategy, branding, voice-driven editorial, Chicago Style, AP Style, content management systems, Omniture, web analytics, meeting deadlines, typing, makeup, Photoshop, singing, playing piano, shopping, grammar about you

who I am

A Creative Director, Editorial Director, big-picture thinker. Plus a really, really good copywriter. 

what I do

I have a passion for building brands and creating compelling marketing in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces. Some areas where I have expertise:

•    Omni-channel marketing campaigns (Top to bottom of funnel)

•    Paid & organic social content strategy

•    Email, ecommerce, video, & digital marketing

•    Direct response/performance marketing

•    Brand /product positioning

•    Brand voice development

•    Environmental graphics, retail signage, & OOH

•    Agency/vendor relationship management

•    Product naming

•    Brand, editorial, & creative strategy

•    Beauty & still-life photo shoot production

•    Interviewing, hiring, & building effective teams

•    Mentoring, coaching, & being "work mom" 


When I’m not shopping on Instagram or doing a HIIT class, you can find me watching garbage TV, being outdoorsy in Lake Tahoe (skiing if it's winter, floating with a wine slushie if it’s summer), or hanging out with my two poorly behaved Bengal cats, Juno and Penelope.


  • Myers-Briggs type: ENFP-A “The Campaigner”

  • Enneagram Type 3: "The Achiever"

  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

  • Current TV Obsession: Waco on Netflix

  • Favorite brand of workout pants: lululemon

  • Secret talent: Orchid whisperer

what makes me special

I am a creative with a strong marketing mindset, and good work has to work. It can't just be beautiful and inspirational—it has to conform to best practices, it has to be channel-appropriate, it has to be scannable and digestible and it has to make sense to the customer. Sometimes that means using the word "sale." Sometimes the best way to get things done is to make a template. Sometimes the price really does need to be bigger. 

I also live in the real world, where it seems like there's never enough budget or resources or time. This is where I thrive—creating efficiences, identifying priorities, picking the right battles, using resources wisely, and being a good teammate and generous partner in order to Get. Things. Done. 

what I believe

  • Being true to your brand identity will never steer you wrong

  • Success does not have to be a zero-sum game

  • Honest constructive feedback is kinder than avoiding hard truths

  • The best way to say "Free Shipping" is "Free Shipping"