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what's up with the bees? 

Maybe you noticed that I have a thing with honeybees. They are in the header on this site,

on my resume, business cards, presentation templates, and invoices. It's my branding, totem, my spirit animal, whatever—I've always been inspired by honeybees.


Honeybees are industrious and cooperative, working together toward a common cause. They embody community and productivity, and they take care of each other. Honeybees do what's right for the hive, not just what's right for themselves. They don't sting unless they're really pissed off, and for a humble insect they have an outsize importance to their ecosystem. 

Basically, this whole thing is a metaphor for not being a Work Jerk. I just try to be generous, equanimous, empathetic, and help everyone succeed together.

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