Sephora Corporate Manifesto, 2019

As part of the brand's overall re-positioning around

the core ideas of belonging and inclusivity, I wrote

the new corporate manifesto that serves as a statement of purpose for both employees and clients. 


This manifesto appeared in the New York Times, on OOH installations, in-store columns, digital video,

and even on the walls at Sephora HQ.

Sephora Collection

Brand re-positioning and refresh, 2016

Positioning, editorial direction, editorial strategy, editorial voice, in-store execution, digital ad execution

Sephora Collection x Tinder

As part of our fall 2016 launch campaign, we partnered with Tinder to create a custom, targeted ad program, a collaboration that garnered positive press and industry buzz. 

This .mov isn't the best quality—you might have to hit "Play" a few times! 

advertising/marketing 2012-2018


Beauty Insider program, loyalty benefits explanation videos
Script, storyboard, kinetic typography concepts
PLAY! Subscription box unboxing and product how-to videos
Story concepts, casting, story editing, on-set creative direction


After logging over 500 bylines as a writer and editor at, the site underwent a redesign and CMS platform migration. In that process, old articles lost their formatting and permalinks. The DivineCaroline clips below were captured post-redesign, and do not reflect the original formatting or images.

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